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Carrot Puree

– little water
– 2 large carrots (chopped)
– kale leaves
– few fresh mint leaves
– fresh coriander leaves
– sprinkle of sea salt
– flaxseeds
-Alfalfa sprouts.

Blend them altogether for couple minutes and voilĂ !


Buckwheat Porridge

Lunch: Raw Buckwheat Porridge


– Sprouted Buckwheat
(to learn how to sprout buckwheat, visit:

-Almond sauce (little water, soaked-overnight almonds, garlic, sea salt)

– Mint leaves

– Fresh Cilantro

– Organic Olive Oil

– Sea salt

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Avocado Puree with Spinach

The mix:

– 1 avocado – spinach – flaxseeds – sunflower seeds – pinch of sea salt – little water

****-blended in food processor for 1 minute (can add water if desired) -then serve